Client: OTTO – Christmas TV Commercial
Agency: Heimat Berlin
Directed by: Marc Craste
Produced by: Studio AKA
Role: Special Effects

Bachelor Film – STELLAR 2017 – Kenton Slash Demon
Role: Pipeline Supervisor and CG Generalist

Bachelor Film – CREAM 2017
Role: Armatures, dolls, set, prop building and CG Generalist

STUDIO AKA Commercial – TV Licensing (2016)
Role: FX Artist – Particles  (Underwater bubbles)

Commercial Project – Cycle (2015) – 30 sec commercial about breaking the silence of abuse.
Role: CG Generalist & set building
Client: Bryd Tavsheden

Quadruped Project – Final scene and compositing

Quadruped Project – stills

3D Still Life – modeling, Texturing, Shading, Lighting and Rendering.

Album cover, Logo, T-shirt and Banner Design for Death Metal Band “BAEST”

Project 4450 – Taught by Cedric Babouche

Project 4450 Stills and UVs